Message from the Disappearing Drift Ice

In this environmental special, we explore the natural phenomenon of drift ice that is witnessed annually off Hokkaido’s east coast.  It delivers nutrients that create a rich ecosystem in the Sea of Okhotsk and attracts many tourists to the region.  Global warming, however, has caused drastic changes and notice must be taken of this alarming trend before it is too late.
Drift ice, found in the Okhotsk Sea, begins life in Russia's Amur River. Moving downstream, it grows gradually larger and after travelling 1,400 kilometres, it finally reaches the Hokkaido Coast as an impressive ice floe.
Its annual appearance, which has occurred every winter for millions of years, is under threat.  Analysis by the Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum shows that ice density has decreased 50% over the past 100 years.  As the world's southernmost drift ice formation, it’s an indispensable indicator of environmental change.  This rapid decline is a cause of great concern and this 60 minute documentary interprets this natural wonder’s message.
Duration (min) : 60
Number of Episodes: 1
Genre: Documentary
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English, None