NINJA! - Various Secrets of the Iga NINJA in Modern Life -- NINJA!

Hosting over 2.7 million tourists annually, the city of Iga in Mie Prefecture is not only famous for its samurai temples, but also as birthplace of Japan’s legendary NINJA spy movement.
Home to the country’s most comprehensive NINJA museum, the area attracts visitors from around the globe, all eager to gain an exhilarating insight into the life of the ancient Japanese agent.
In addition to the magnificent displays of weaponry and espionage tools of the day, the museum offers an action packed demonstration of the agent’s combat skills, all presented by a consummate group of modern day warriors, the Ashura.
NINJA! -Various Secrets of the Iga NINJA in Modern Life explores the world of these elite athletes.  From the gruelling physical training to the challenging coordination required to use swords, sickles and the infamous shuriken.   Preserving the country’s ancient techniques of espionage is a truly demanding occupation, and this fascinating documentary reveals just why the Ashura are considered the finest in the world today.
Duration (min) : 30
Number of Episodes: 1
Genre: Documentary
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None