The Battleship Island 






2017 (26th) Buil Film Awards- Best Supporting Actress, Best Art Direction


Director Ryoo Seung-wan, fresh off the success of 2013’s action extravaganza “The Berlin File” and the massive runaway hit “Veteran” from 2015, pairs up with box-office force Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, acclaimed singer-actress Lee Jung-hyun and the red-hot Song Joong-ki, who starred in the sensational 2016 television drama, “Descendants of the Sun”.

In 1944, with Korea under Japanese occupation and World War II reaching its peak, bandmaster Lee Gang-ok (Hwang) is earning a meagre living in Seoul, despite a ban on jazz music. However, when he tries to travel with his young daughter and band members to the Japanese mainland, they are duped and forcibly taken to Hashima Island. There, they become conscripted labourers in a massive undersea coal mine. Hashima, nicknamed “Battleship Island”, is a place of suffering with its harsh conditions and brutal treatment of the workforce. Yet Gang-ok manages to protect himself and his daughter Sohee (Kim Suan) by serving as an interpreter and dealmaker between the Koreans and the Japanese. As the months pass and the US increases its force in the conflict, tensions reach breaking point between Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, Park Mu-young (Song), a US-trained independence fighter on a covert mission, infiltrates the island in order to rescue a fellow fighter being held captive. Just as chaos begins to break loose on Hashima, Mu-young steps up with a daring and risky plan to evacuate all 400 Koreans from the hellhole.




Cast: Hwang Jung-min, So Ji-sub, Song Joong-ki, Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Suan 
Director: Ryoo Seung-wan
Duration (min) : 132min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Action, History
Language: Korean mixed w/ Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese and English/English




Worldwide  except Korea