Warriors of the Dawn 


Director CHUNG Yoon-chul (“Marathon”, 2005) is introducing the audiences a new perspective to the Korean history with his new classic period drama “Warrior of the Dawn”.  Based on historical facts, “Warriors of the Dawn” is an epic about the proxy soldiers – the nameless heroes of the 1529 Japanese Invasion; who helped Prince Gwanhae to defend the country against enemy during the Joseon era.  The all-star cast brings solid performances to the film with veteran actor LEE Jung-jae (“Operation Chromite”, 2016) playing the role of the leader of the proxy soldiers and YEO Jin-gu playing the role of the young Prince Gwanhae.  Shot at locations with exotic sceneries, the film is going to bring an unforgettable visual experience to the audiences with this moving story of trust, loyalty and courage. 

It was 1592 – the year when Joseon was at war with Japan.  The King of Joseon escaped to China and left his 18-year-old son, Prince GWANHAE (Yeo Jin-gu) to take his place to fight the enemy.  When the Japanese wiped out most of the Joseon army, the prince sought help from the proxy soldiers who were the commoners who served dangerous military duties of the others.  Veteran proxy soldier TOW (Lee Jung-jae) led his comrades and swore to protect the young prince and the country.  Gradually TOW and Prince GWANHAE established a trusting relationship which encouraged the vulnerable prince to build up confidence to fight the harsh battle and transform into a caring king.





Lee Jung-jae, Yeo Jin-gu, KIM Mu-yeol, E Som

Director: Chung Yoon-chul
Duration (min) :

130min (TBC), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Action, Epics/Historical
Language: Korean

Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except Korea