The King 

(더 킹)




53rd BaekSang Arts Awards- Best Supporting Actress, Best New Actor


In a story of upheaval and power that captures 30 years of Korea’s modern history, director Han Jae-rim’s latest offering is a work of sophisticated filmmaking, thanks to its lavish sets and use of the full set of anamorphic lenses. Acclaimed actor Cho In-sung returns to the bring screen for the first time in eight years, having won Best Actor at the Korean Film Awards for “A Dirty Carnival”. With more than 7.17 million views in the first week of its release, the film’s first trailer broke the record for the most views for a Korean movie trailer.

While a bully in high school and growing up under an ex-convict father with a third-rate life, Park Tae-su (Cho In-sung) witnesses his dad get beaten by a prosecutor and longs to gain real power. After many twists and turns in life, Tae-su succeeds in passing the bar, but later is disappointed by his life as a prosecutor, a job that seems no different from an ordinary salaried worker. Then he meets Han Kang-sik (Jung Woo-sung), one of the most mighty men in South Korea.

In this glittering world of power, Han Kang-sik’s rise to the top began when he passed the bar in his early 20s and subjugated Mokpo’s gangs in ‘The War with Crime’ campaign during President Roh Tae-woo’s regime. As one of the most influential powers who rules in Korea at will, Han is a cool, collected man who does whatever he must to achieve his planned goals. With Kang-sik candidacy to become the next Director of Prosecutors, he and Tae-su find themselves in the eye of the storm as they grasp for power in a crucial period of governmental change. Unfortunately, a crisis strikes as they set out a new plan that brings them closer to controlling Korea. Will their plans for domination succeed?




CHO In-sung, JUNG Woo-sung 

Director: HAN Jae-rim
Duration (min) : 134min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Crime
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Chinese and English/English




Worldwide  except Korea