Life Risking Romance 

(목숨 건 연애)

Chinese and Korean moviemakers team up to produce this romantic and comedic murder mystery about a kooky suspense novelist who is chasing a serial killer, only to find herself increasingly attracted to him. Ha Ji-won (known for her role in Haeundaeand the TV drama Secret Garden) and Chen Bolin (20 Once Again) star in director Joy Song’s debut film. Joy Song is also known for his work as a producer on the film My Way.

Thirty-three-year old Jane (Ha) is a mystery novelist who is notorious for her habitual false reports to the local police. Her only friend is police officer Lok-han (Chun Jung-myung), who has had a crush on her since childhood. One day, Jane hears a scream for help from an apartment upstairs. Naturally, she reports that a serial killer lives above her, but once again, no one believes her. Convinced that Jason (Chen), the handsome man living upstairs, is truly a murderer, she asks Lok-han to help her stalk Jason. As she and Lok-han spend more time together in pursuing the suspected killer, she begins to develop her own crush – on Jason! Meanwhile, Lok-han himself grows increasingly suspicious – suspiciously jealous! Will Cupid’s arrow finally land on the right target for these confused lovers?



Ha Ji-won, Chen Bolin, Chun Jung-myung

Director: Joy Song
Duration (min) :

TBCmin (TBC), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Korean mixed with English

Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except Korea