Asura: The City of Madness
















2016 (37th) Blue Dragon Film Awards- Best Cinematography and Lighting, Popularity Award

2016 (17th) Busan Film Critics Awards- Best Actor, Best Cinematography


2016 (37th) Blue Dragon Film Awards- Best Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Music, Technical Award

Film Festivals:

2016 Toronto International Film Festival

2016 Fantastic Fest

2016 The London Korean Film Festival

2016 Asian World Film Festival


Presenting a view of society that is both beyond the imagination and yet disturbingly familiar, director Kim Sung-soo’s dark and exquisitely lensed crimer is an exciting new take on the action noir genre. Undertaking his darkest role yet, Jung Woo-sung stars as a detective drawn into corruption along with his law enforcement partner played by Ju Ji-hoon. Meanwhile, Korea’s biggest box office draw Hwang Jung-min turns in a striking performance as a ruthless criminal willing to stop at nothing in the pursuit of power.

Park Sung-bae (Hwang), mayor of the regional city of Annam, has ambitious plans to launch a major development project and line his pockets at the same time. When a corruption investigation by the prosecutor’s office threatens to make him step down as mayor, he asks police detective Han (Jung) to threaten the prosecution’s key witness. Everything goes according to plan and the mayor is found innocent, but Han runs into trouble when another officer suspects him of doing the mayor’s dirty work and tries to blackmail him.

Han’s original plan was to quit the force and officially join the mayor as his right hand man. But an ambitious prosecutor Kim Cha-in (Kwak Do-won) puts pressure on him, hoping to use Han to bring down the mayor. Cornered, Han changes his plans and instead persuades his idealistic young partner Sunmo (Ju) to join the mayor’s team.

Sunmo had always dreamed of being a policeman, but his new position transforms his outlook. Seduced by power and wealth, he becomes more and more involved in dirty business. Han meanwhile feels a growing sense of guilt over sending Sunmo to the mayor’s side. At the same time, as the prosecution continues its investigation, his own position becomes more precarious and as tensions grow, it appears everyone is on edge.



Jung Woo-sung, Hwang Jung-min, Ju Ji-hoon, Kwak Do-won

Director: Kim Sung-soo  
Duration (min) : 132min (TBC), Th/ Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13, Edited; R, Theatrical
Genre: Drama, Action
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English





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