The Truth Beneath 

(비밀은 없다)

After her hugely successful and award-winning debut Crush and Blush, director Lee Kyoung-mi returns to the big screen with the impressive The Truth Beneath.  Dark and politically charged, the thriller sees Son Ye-jin and Kim Joo-hyuk play a successful married couple whose happy family life is shattered by the sudden disappearance of their only child. A gripping tale of conspiracy, secrets and lies, the film has drawn wide critical acclaim. 


Jong-chan (Kim) is a dynamic young conservative politician in a provincial city who is leading the polls in an upcoming National Assembly election. Behind the scenes, his wife Yeon-hong (Son) is busy helping him. Fifteen days before the election, their daughter Minjin disappears. Although it’s not the first time she’s run off, Yeon-hong is shaken and becomes increasingly worried as the days pass and Minjin fails to return. Meanwhile tension rises between Yeon-hong and Jong-chan as the police fail to come up with any information on their daughter’s whereabouts and Jong-chan continues to devote himself to the election campaign. Then, Yeon-hong discovers that conversations with Minjin about school life and friends were peppered with lies and as she delves deeper, she begins to uncover dark secrets that threaten to tear her life apart.



Son Ye-jin, Kim Joo-hyuk        

Director: Lee Kyoung-mi
Duration (min) : 102min(tbc),  Th/ Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Language: Korean

Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except Korea