With a sequel to 2009’s Take Off, Korea’s highest-grossing sports themed movie ever, director Kim Jong-hyun presents Run-Off, which this time takes the action to the ice. Centred around the trials and tribulations of South Korea’s first ever women’s ice hockey team, this lively and inspirational entertainer  boasts a superb ensemble cast including Oh Dal-su, Su Ae, Jin Ji-hee, Oh Yeon-su, Ha Jae-sook, Kim Seul-ki and Kim Ye-won.


2003. Former ice hockey player Dae-woong (Oh Dal-su) receives an offer to coach the national ice hockey team. About to bask in the glory of his appointment, he’s informed it’s not the national men’s team he will be training but the country’s first-ever women’s team.


A huge challenge before him, he starts bringing together players: Ji-won (SuAe),  a North Korean defector who was once a national player in her home country, So-hyeon (Jin Ji-hee) an amateur in-line skater, Chae-gyeong (Oh Yeon-su), a short track skater who was expelled from her team for causing trouble during a competition, Yeong-ja (Ha Jae-sook) a former field hockey player who’s now an overweight housewife, Mi-ran (Kim Seul-ki) a clerk for the ice hockey association and Ga-yeon (Kim Ye-won), a former figure skater who cares more about her looks than her hockey.


Despite Dae-woong’s years on the ice, shaping the motley crew into a unified team is an immense struggle in itself, let alone the challenge of bringing home a medal from the Aomori Winter Asian Games.



Su Ae, OH Dal-su, OH Yeon-seo  

Director: KIM Jong-hyun  
Duration (min) : 126min (TBC), Theatrical/ Edited
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Spot, Drama, Comedy
Language: Korean

English/Chinese & English





Worldwide except Korea