The Queen of Crime


Actor and indie flick director Lee Yo-sup launches a thriller about a protective mother who tracks down the water bill charged to her reclusive son, who lives in solitude in his dilapidated room – only to find she has stumbled upon a crime in progress! Playing the role of the estate management officer is rising star Jo Bok-lae of “C’est Si bon” and “Coin Locker Girl”.


Devoted housewife Mi-kyung (Park Ji-young) receives a call from her beloved but unsociable son Ik-soo (Kim Dae-hyun), who is the only hope and dream of her life. Ik-soo tells her that his water bill at his examiners’ accommodation, renowned for their cheap prices but horrible conditions, has surpassed one thousand dollars. Being the doting mother, Mi-kyung decides to visit his room and see what the fuss is about.


At his building, she notices how the residents of the accommodation are all suspicious and cold-shouldered. While she searches for the reason behind the ridiculous bill, she befriends Kae-tae (Jo Bok-lae), an employee at the management office. Mi-kyung soon learns that she is getting herself into a bigger trouble, and that there’s something sinister afoot!



Park Ji-young, JO Bok-lae, KIM Dae-hyun   

Director: Lee Yo-sup
Duration (min) : 103min (TBC), Theatrical/ Edited
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Korean

English/Chinese & English





Worldwide except Korea