Ninja Drones?

(映画 少年たち)

Film Festivals:

Beijing International Film Festival


Synopsis: Directed by Katsuhide Motoki (It All Began When I Met You, Samurai Hustle) Ninja Drones?, a film adaptation of an original stage play, is a musical about the friendships and struggles of young men in juvenile detention. The film stars members of renowned Japanese boy groups such as SixTONES, Naniwa Danshi and Kansai Johnny’s Jr.


Young men, each with dark histories and criminal records, are incarcerated in a juvenile detention centre. Factions form and the rival Red Gang and Blue Gang are constantly fighting as the Black Gang watches with amusement. One day, a newcomer arrives who doesn’t join any group and keeps a diary in solitude. Meanwhile, a new prison governor is appointed who announces he will tighten control and pound inmates into shape using violence if necessary and so turns the prison into a living hell. After reaching breaking point, the youngsters join forces and secretly develop a plan of action. 





Jesse Lewis, Taiga Kyomoto, Yugo Kochi, Hokuto Matsumura

Shintaro Morimoto, Juri Tanaka        

Director: Katsuhide Motoki 
Duration (min) : 104 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Edited, Theatrical
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Music
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English




Worldwide except Japan