Fly Me to the Saitama




To date, Fly Me to the Saitama has pulled in more than US$18 million at the box office, making it currently Japan’s second-highest grossing domestic live-action film of 2019. The film is an adaption of Mineo Maya’s original manga Tonde Saitama, which has sold over 620,000 copies and focuses on the uneasy relationship between big city (Tokyo) and commuter suburb (Saitama).  Directed by Hideki Takeuchi (Thermae Romane, Nodame kantâbine) the film stars Fumi Nikaido (Wolf Girl and Black Prince, River’s Edge) and the prominent singer and actor Gackt (Moon Child, Akumu-chan).


Not long ago, the people of Japan’s Saitama Prefecture suffered terrible discrimination from the neigbouring metropolis of Tokyo and couldn’t even enter the capital without a passport. Those caught without their papers were forcibly expelled. Studying in an elite private school in Tokyo is Momomi Hakuhodo (Nikaido), the spoiled son of the city’s governer. Momomi is president of the student council and sits atop a hierarchical pyramid with the reviled Saitamites at the bottom. The arrival of Rei Asami (Gackt), a transfer student from the U.S., turns Momomi’s life upside down. Before long, the pair become inseparable but when Momomi learns Rei is a Saitamite and key member in a movement to abolish the passport system, he’s faced with a difficult decision. 






Fumi Nikaido, GACKT

Director: Hideki Takeuchi 
Duration (min) :

107 min (tbc), Th/Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Drama, Comedy




English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan