Our Departures

(かぞくいろ―RAILWAYS わたしたちの出発)

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This heartwarming drama about a widow who follows the childhood dream of her late husband is the latest instalment of the hugely popular ‘Railways’ film series.  A beautifully lensed and poignant pic set against the stunning backdrop of one of Japan’s most scenic regions, Our Departures stars A-listers Kasumi Arimura and Jun Kunimura.


After her husband Shuhei suddenly dies, Aki (Arimura) and her 9-year-old stepson, Shunya (Ryusei Kiyama), travel to Shuhei’s hometown of Kagoshima to inform his father, Setsuo (Kunimura), of his passing. Setsuo is devastated by the news, given to him by a daughter-in-law whom he’s never met. 
Aki informs Setsuo that with Shuhei’s death, she and Shunya no longer have a home and convinces him to allow them to stay with him in Kagoshima.
In need of income, Aki applies to become a train driver and finds a position with the Hisatsu Orange Railway where Setsuo works. Supported by people around her, she works hard to be a good mother and to excel in her new career.  Grieving over their loss, Aki, Shunya and Setsuo have difficult days. But each of them are determined to work their hardest to become their version of a family.






Kasumi Arimura, Jun Kunimura, Munetaka Aoki

Director: Yasuhiro Yoshida
Duration (min) : 120 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except Japan