Kids On The Slope



The live-action film adaptation of Yuki Kodama’s long-running manga series Sakamichi no Apollon, Kid On The Slopeis directed by Takahiro Miki who is behind a number of live-action film adaptations such as Soranin, We Were There, and Yell for the Blue Sky. Yuri Chinen (member of Japanese pop group Hey! Say! JUMP) and Nana Komatsu (Martin Scorsese’s Silence) star in this highly-anticipated teen romantic drama about love relationships through the sounds of jazz.

During the summer of 1966, Kaoru Nishimi (Yuri Chinen) moves to Kyushu in order to live with relatives, as his father's job no longer allows the two to live together and his mother has not been a part of his life for years. Intelligent but extremely reserved, he arrives at school with no expectation of making friends, but a chance encounter with Sentaro Kawabuchi(Taishi Nakagawa), an infamous troublemaker, leads the two to slowly become close in spite of their outward incompatibility. When Kaoru, a classically-trained pianist, discovers Sentaro's largely unknown skill as a jazz drummer, the two begin to jam in the basement of Sentarou's friend Ritsuko(Nana Komatsu)'s house, and very soon his rigid training gives way to the joy of playing jazz in all of its refreshing spontaneity.





Yuri Chinen, Taishi Nakagawa, Nana Komatsu

Director: Takahiro Miki
Duration (min) :

120min (tbc), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG

Drama, Romance




English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan