A Loving Husband 





40th Montreal World Film Festival- In Competition


With all the films about young love, up-and-coming screenwriter Kazuhiko Yukawa weaves a story about a marriage that re-ignites again in mid-age, only to reveal it began in divorce! Yukawa, who has gifted the world with his phenomenally highly rated TV dramas “I am Mita, Your Housekeeper” (2011), makes his long-awaited directorial debut with “A Loving Husband”, which is based on the novel “Famiresu” by Kiyoshi Shigematsu. This film has been nominated for the 40th Montreal World Film Festival’s First Films World Competition category, having received top reviews at the festival.

Decades ago, Yohei Miyamoto (Hiroshi Abe) and Miyoko (Yuki Amami) began dating after meeting at a matchmaking party. With bright futures ahead, Yohei planned to go on to graduate school, and Miyoko dreamt of becoming a teacher, until the two discovered that Miyoko was pregnant. Although bewildered inside, Yohei proposed to Miyoko out of a sense of responsibility, and chose to become a teacher in Miyoko’s place.Nearly 30 years later, the Miyamotos’ only child has gotten married and left the nest before the couple has even realized it. For the first time in their marriage, the couple find themselves alone, now as husband and wife after first becoming a father and a mother. They celebrate their newfound solitude with a bottle of wine, but Miyoko quickly falls asleep. Feeling nostalgic, Yohei revisits the first book he lent to Miyoko when they began dating, only to find an envelope that falls out. Inside are divorce papers with Miyoko’s seal on it! As the night passes, Yohei’s fears grow, especially when Miyoko suddenly leaves the house. With the divorce papers nowhere to be found, Yohei finds his worst fears may come true!





Hiroshi Abe, Yuki Amami, Miho Kanno

Director: Kazuhiko Yukawa
Duration (min) : 117min, Theatrical
Version: Theatrical
Grade: PG
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese and English/English




Worldwide  except Japan