Will You Marry My Wife



Based on the 2012 novel by Takuji Higuchi, Will You Marry My Wife?, is a tearjerker movie about a TV writer decides to find a perfect man for his wife when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Directed by Yoshishige Miyake (Hankyu Railways, Hospitality Department), starring Yuji Oda (Bayisde Shakedown series), Yo Yoshida (SCOOP!), Taizo Harada (In His Chartseries) and Reiko Takashima (Railways).

A man in the prime of his career, 45-year-old variety TV show broadcast writer Shuji Mimura (Yuji Oda) churns out a record number of scripts each week – until a medical exam reveals his late-stage pancreatic cancer. Shuji finds himself making a tough decision, as he learns his life could be prolonged with treatment so that he could spend his remaining time with his family.

While Shuji brainstorms a last plan for his family, he plots and schemes to provide the best arrangement for his wife Ayako (Yo Yoshida) and young child. Finally, Shuji realizes the perfect way to provide for Ayako – by finding her a new husband!

First, he sneaks his way into matchmaking parties, then finds friendly help from his coworker Yoshiko (Kanna Mori), who is also on the prowl for a spouse. Next, Shuji tackles candidates through his former colleague, who is now the president of a matchmaking company. Finally, his once-in-a-lifetime project takes off when he locates the perfect candidate – the CEO of an interior design company. One by one, Shuji’s carefully laid dominoes fall into place: The CEO is trustworthy and honest and likes Ayako’s photo, even the fact that she has a son. As the time comes for Ayako and Shuji Number Two to meet, Shuji engineers his disappearance, and Ayako becomes suspicious! Will Shuji Number Two finally be able to replace Shuji Number One? 


Cast: Yuji Oda, Yo Yoshida
Director: Yoshishige Miyake 
Duration (min) :

114min (TBC), Th/Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG





English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan