His first big screen performance since his 2013 award-winning feature Like Father, Like Son, Masaharu Fukuyama once again delights audiences in this unflinchingly funny comedy directed by Hitoshi One. Set against the background of the editorial department of Scoop!, a weekly publication that exposes celebrity secrets, Fukuyama plays a paparazzi photographer whose love of gambling has got him into severe debt. The hugely popular Fukuyama is supported by an elite cast including teen icon Fumi Nikaido as a rookie reporter, Yo Yoshida as the magazine’s deputy chief editor and Lily Franky as an old friend and trusted source.

Freelance photographer Shizuka Miyakonojo (Hitoshi), once the power behind a number of legendary news scoops, is now part of the paparazzi, chasing after celebrity scandals and selling photos and stories to his former employer, Scoop!magazine. In return for the premium rate of ¥300,000 per story, Deputy Chief Editor Sadako Yokogawa (Yoshida) requests he team up with novice reporter Nobi Namekawa (Nikaido). Driven by the lure of a hefty fee, Shizuka heads out on the hunt with the clueless young girl in tow. Nobi, the other half of this unlikely combination, is straight-laced and by-the-book and she's soon at odds with the shifty Shizuka and their conflicts turn to open hostility. Then, acting on a tip, they land a scoop and as the resulting article gains traction, Nobi begins to get a taste for her work. As she gets the professional bit between her teeth, Shizuka starts to take interest in his partner and starts granting her a measure of respect. As work colleagues, as partners and now as a man and woman, things begin to develop between them. Then, just as everything looks to be going perfectly, an out of the blue incident changes the couple’s fortunes. 



Masaharu Fukuyama, Fumi Nikaido, Yo Yoshida, Lily Franky        Kenichi Takito

Director: Hitoshi One
Duration (min) :

120min (TBC), Th/Ed

Version: Edited/Theatrical
Grade: PG-13

Drama, Comedy




English/Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan