If Cats disappeared from the world



Adapted from Genki Kawamura’s debut novel and headlined by Takeru Sato, one of Japan’s biggest box office attractions, this visually rich feature tells the story of a postman who after learning he has little time to live is offered the chance of extending his life. Helmed by Akira Nagai, the powerful drama with a hearty dose of comedy is a thought-provoking tale, reflecting how contemporary society has become caught up in the rat race, losing sight of some of the most important things in life.


A thirty year old postman (Sato) and movie nerd lives with his cat, Cabbage, in a provincial town. Struggling with poor health, he consults a doctor who diagnoses him with a terminal illness. Devastated, he returns home to be greeted not only by Cabbage but a cheery looking fellow who looks just as he does. The man claims to be the devil and offers to make a deal. He proposes to prolong postman’s life in exchange for making things in the world disappear. Postman finds the proposal hard to believe but nevertheless accepts the offer.


And so after some discussion, the devil begins his elimination extending postman’s life one day at a time. The devil then makes a request to remove cats. In despair at the decision he must make, postman frantically searches for his beloved Cabbage and as he does so he comes across a revealing letter written by his late mother.



Takeru Satoh, Aoi Miyazaki  

Director: Akira Nagai  
Duration (min) :

103min, Theatrical

Version: Theatrical
Grade: PG-13





English/Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan