Six Four: Part 2

(64 –ロクヨン– (後編))


Veteran director Takahisa Zeze brings Hideo Yokoyama’s novel to life in this thrilling police procedural, which was also a hit TV series. The film stars Sato Koichi, son of the veteran Japanese actor Rentarō Mikuni, whose works include Kishūteneki Terminal and Takahisa Zeze's Heaven's Story. Japanese TV heartthrob Gou Ayano also features in this movie, better known for his role as a baby-delivering doctor in Dr Storks. Eita, also a popular TV actor, is well known for his roles in the TV dramas Water Boys, Summer Time Machine Blues and the film Tokyo Friends: The Movie.


As the resolution to a two-part film, this sequel narrows in on the mystery behind an unresolved kidnapping case and its copycat. Fourteen years ago, a young girl was kidnapped. Her abductor escapes with 20 million yen, but the girl is found murdered. Now, 14 years later, her father, a few aging police investigators, and the kidnapper himself still live in that week, in the case they have called “six-four”.


Unfortunately, the statute of limitations is about to expire, and the case will soon be closed. Internally, there is strife—the National Police Agency in Tokyo is facing off against the Gunma Prefectural Police, the Gunma Police Administration is frustrating its own investigations section, and Detective Mikami’s PR office is struggling to satiate an angry body of police-beat reporters. As all of these forces swirl in a complicated mix, Mikami vies to find out what really happened 14 years ago, before tragedy strikes again.



Koichi Sato, Go Ayano, Nana Eikura, Eita 

Director: Takahisa Zeze
Duration (min) :

119min (tbc), Theatrical/ Edited

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13





English/Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan