The Projects 



Set against the backdrop of a local housing estate, Junji Sakamoto’s The Projectsis an immaculately penned tale of a man and a woman coming to terms with the loss of their son. Starring Naomi Fujiyama, who for her outstanding performance scooped the Best Actress Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and Ittoku Kishibe, this study of an emotionally scarred couple cleverly morphs into a comedy of misunderstandings with a drop of whimsical fantasy thrown in for good measure. Poignant and perfectly crafted, the movie has charmed critics and audiences alike.

6 months ago, Hinako (Fujiyama) and her husband Seiji (Kishibe) moved to a 3-room apartment in a housing project. Until recently they were third generation owners of a herbal medicine store, but after the sudden death of their son they sold the combined house and store and moved on. Since moving, Hinako has found a part time job but Seiji spends each day wandering aimlessly around the neighbourhood.  They keep to themselves and apart from a young man called Shinjo (Takumi Saito) who occasionally visits, it’s only Kimiko (Michiyo Ookusu), wife of the resident association leader, who shows some interest in them. When Seiji is no longer seen on the estate, rumours abound that Hinako has murdered her husband and is hiding his body in their apartment. Even Kimiko, who had been sympathetic towards Hinako, begins to suspect her. Just as the residents plan to report their suspicions to the police, they are invited to Hinako and Seiji’s home where the couple reveals a secret they’ve been harbouring...



Naomi Fujiyama, Ittoku Kishibe, Michiyo Ookusu, Renji Ishibashi   

Director: Junji Sakamoto
Duration (min) :

103 min, Theatrical

Version: Theatrical
Grade: PG

Comedy, Sci-fi




English/Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan