Reality and the online world unite in this film adapted from the Naoki-Prize-winning novel by Ryo Asai, starring Takeru Satoh (Bakuman, Rurouni Kenshin series), Masaki Suda (Assassination Classroom series), Kasumi Arimura (Flying Colors, Strobe Edge), Fumi Nikaido (Wolf Girl and Black Prince) and Masaki Okada (April Fools, Strayer’s Chronicle). 


It’s the height of job-hunting season and Takuto (Satoh), who attends Oyama University, has found himself competing with the thousands of other graduates who are also searching for the perfect job. Though his roommate, Kotaro (Suda), doesn’t know it, Takuto is secretly in love with Kotaro’s ex-girlfriend, Mizuki (Arimura). Together with Mizuki’s friend, Rika (Nikaido), and Rika’s ambitionless boyfriend, Takayoshi (Okada), the five gather at Rika’s apartment, known as the “Job-Hunting Headquarters”. They each use their own unique methods to look for a job, each asking the same questions – “Who do I want to be?”, “Who am I now?” and Can I become a ‘somebody’ if I join a good company?” The five fellow adventurers tweet their thoughts and struggles, revealing their inner thoughts and emotions.


When Mizuki first gets hired at a major communications company, the troop gathers to celebrate, only to find that Mizuki has taken to lecturing Takayoshi. A disagreement breaks out amongst the group, and as their as their differences grow, their relationships gradually change. Meanwhile, Takuto still has feelings for Mizuki, but Mizuki is still unable to forget about Kotaro. One by one, as each friend moves forward in their job search, each individual learns truths about themselves and each other, which alters their friendship.



Takeru Satoh, Kasumi Arimura, Fumi Nikaido, Masaki Suda

Masaki Okada

Director: Daisuke Miura
Duration (min) :

98min (TBC), Theatrical/Edited

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG





English/ Chinese and English





Worldwid except Japan