Yell For The Blue Sky



In a fresh twist on the tradition of the "seishun eiga", or Japanese "youth film", "Yell for the Blue Sky" is an enchanting high school romance where both parties are equals. Gone is the story of unrequited love that disregards and discourages. Instead, director Takahiro Miki weaves a coming-of-age tale of mutual respect and celebration of goals and dreams, and brings to life Kazune Kawahara’s hit manga, which has sold more than 3.4 million paperback copies since its first appearance in 2008.

Tsubasa Ono (Tao Tsuchiya) is a painfully shy first-year high school student, who can barely say her own name in class. Nevertheless, her dream is to play the trumpet in the school's prize-winning brass band. Ever since she saw a TV broadcast of a trumpeter playing a solo for a school baseball team, her dream has been to work her way to the top and compete at the national high school tournament in Kobe.

To her surprise, someone most unexpected understands her fantasy—the attention-drawing new catcher for the school baseball team. Not only does dreamy Daisuke Yamada (Ryoma Takeuchi) encourage Tsubasa to achieve her goal, he also dreams of playing baseball in a tournament at the very same stadium.

Little did Tsubasa anticipate the hard work and sacrifice needed for her and Daisuke to realise their dreams. As each one pursues their fantasy, they drift farther and farther apart, yet Daisuke remains encouraging. When the baseball team loses in the spring preliminaries and is unable to qualify for the tournament, Tsubasa's dream of being worthy to play for Daisuke and his team suddenly evaporates before her eyes. Will Tsubasa's efforts be able to move Daisuke into action?



Tao Tsuchiya, Ryoma Takeuchi, Shono Hayama, Mirai Shida

Director: Takahiro Miki
Duration (min) :

126min, Theatrical

Version: Theatrical
Grade: PG





Chinese and English/ English





Worldwide except Japan