Last Sunrise




Film Festivals:

2019 Fantasporto, Cinequest Film Festival, Horrorant Film Festival, Sci-Fi-London Film Festival, Dances With Films Festival, Boston Scifi Film Festival, DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon, Phoenix Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, CAAMFest, Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, Fantaspoa


2019 CAAMFest- San Francisco Film Critics Circle Award
2019 Cinequest San Jose Film Festival- Best Feature (Best Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror Feature Award)
2019 Dances With Films- Industry Choice Award Feature (Feature)
2019 Fantasporto- Grand Prize (Best Film)
2019 Horrorant Film Festival 'Fright Nights'- Festival Prize (Best Panorama Feature)
2019 Phoenix Film Festival- Phoenix Film Foundation Best Sci-Fi Feature (Best Sci-Fi Feature)
2019 WorldFest Houston-Platinum Remi Award (Sci Fi)



Chinese-American director Wen Ren started making films at the age of 13. A graduate of the Los Angeles Film School he is best known for 2015’s Café Glass. His latest directorial effort, the touching science fiction drama Last Sunrise, has garnered a number of awards from around the globe and stars Zhang Jue (The King of the Drift, Impermanence), Zhang Ran (Magic Barber), Yang Sen (Yi’s Story) and Wang Dahong (A Warrior’s Tragedy).


Some time in the future the sun mysteriously disappears. A civilisation reliant on solar power is plagued by apocalyptic consequences. In a failing electric car, Yang (Zhang Jue), a reclusive astronomer, and Mu (Zhang Ran), his lively neighbour, escape China’s District One. But in District Two, the temperature drops to subzero and oxygen depletes. Hence the pair make their way to District Three where they are thrust into conflict with a local gang. The only hope for the neighbours is that a miracle awaits in their final destination, District Four. 




Zhang Jue, Zhang Ran

Director: Wen Ren
Duration (min) : 103 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except China