The Crossing




Film Festivals:

Toronto International Film Festival, Pingyao International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Dublin Film Festival, Osaka Asian Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival


Beijing Student Film Festival- Jury Award (Best Newcomer, Grand Jury Prix)
Dublin International Film Festival- Dublin Film Critics Award (Best Screenplay)
Hong Kong International Film Festival- Firebird Award (Young Cinema Chinese Competition-Best Actress)
Osaka Asian Film Festival- Most Promising Talent Award
Pingyao International Film Festival- Fei Mu Awards (Best Film, Best Actress)
Toronto International Film Festival- NETPAC Award (NETPAC Award Honorable Mention)


Asian Film Awards- Best Newcomer, Best New Director
Beijing Student Film Festival- Jury Award (Best Directorial Debut, Best Screenplay)
Berlin International Film Festival-Crystal Bear (Generation 14plus - Best Film)
Hong Kong International Film Festival- Firebird Award (Young Cinema Chinese Competition)
Mi Ying Spirit Movie Award- Jury Award (Best Film)
Osaka Asian Film Festival- Grand Prix (Best Film)

Toronto International Film Festival- Discovery Award (Best Film)



The Crossingis a highly praised coming-of-age crime drama inspired by real life criminal gangs in Hong Kong who recruit schoolchildren to smuggle mobile phones into Mainland China. The film marks an impressive debut for director Bai Xue and stars Huang Yao in the lead, Carmen Soup (Dead End, Members Only) and actress, radio DJ and presenter Elena Kong (Triumph In The Skies).


Sixteen-year-old Peipei (Huang) crosses the border every day, travelling between her home in Mainland China and her Hong Kong high school. Customs officials glimpse her school uniform and innocent face and wave her through without a second thought. Having grown up in a tropical climate, Peipei and her best friend Jo (Soup) dream of going to Japan to experience snow but cannot afford the trip. So, to earn money, Peipei joins a gang of smugglers and begins to run mobile phones from Hong Kong to the Mainland. However, she doesn’t realise that her well-paid job will soon turn her daily routine into something highly risky.




Huang Yao, Sunny Sun, Carmen Soup, Ni Hongjie, Elena Kong

Liu Kai Chi, Jiao Gang 

Director: Bai Xue 
Duration (min) : 99 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Crime 
Language: Cantonese mixed with Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except China