Kung Fu Monster





Director Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs, 2002) brings the wuxia underworld to the big screen with the heartwarming period fantasy Kung Fu Monster. Produced by Derek Yee (One Nite in Mongkok, 2004), the big-budget, CGI-laden adventure boasts a host of stars including Louis Koo (Paradox, 2017), Alex Fong and Bea Hayden Kuo (Tiny Times 4, 2015).

In the waning years of China’s Ming Dynasty, the Bruneian Empire gifts a rare creature to the nation. Ocean (Koo), a member of the Imperial Secret Police, is assigned to tame the beast. He names it Lucky and on realising its kind nature, decides to release it from captivity, accompanying it on its escape.

With a hefty bounty on his head, Ocean is the target of ambitious eunuch Crane (Fong) who with a motley crew of misfits sets a trap to capture Ocean and the creature. The group gathers at an abandoned inn and await their opportunity…but little do they realise that the gremlin-like creature has the ability to transform its appearance and is all too ready to unleash its power!






Louis Koo, Cheney Chen, Bea Hayden Kuo, Bao Beier, Wang Taili, 

Zhou Dongyu, Alex Fong

Director: Andrew Lau
Duration (min) :

100 min (tbc), Th/Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Action, Fantasy


Mandarin and Cantonese


Chinese & English/ English





Worldwide except China, France, Germany and U.K. 

Hong Kong, China