Keyboard Warriors





Based on a true story, this refreshingly mature comedy by first-time director Michael Sit tells the hilarious story of story of two tech-savvy nerds-turned-crime-vigilantes who come across an armoured van spilling cash onto the streets of Hong Kong. The goofy, crime-fighting tale boasts delightful performances from a stellar cast including Sing Lam (Weeds on Fire, 2016), Neo Yau (She Remembers, He Forgets, 2015), Larine Tang (Agent Mr Chan, 2018), Grace Chan (TVB TV series Captain of Destiny, 2015) and Stephy Tang (The Empty Hands, 2017) and has enjoyed excellent reviews from critics.

Tech-savvy but jobless nerds Jay (Lam) and Ang (Yau) chance upon the scene of a security van’s cash spill – only for an off-duty police officer, Nancy (Tang), to step in before they can take possession of the banknotes.

The police write off the case as an accident, however Ang and Jay are not so sure and take it upon themselves to form their own investigative team roping in anonymous pals from the Golden Forum website, whose expertise ranges from legal counselling to computer hacking.

Appearing to be more efficient than the professionals, Ang, Jay and the Golden Forum squad race ahead with their investigations only to learn they may have uncovered a dark and deadly secret…







Stephy Tang, Grace Chan, Sing Lam, Neo Yau, Larine Tang

Director: Michael Sit
Duration (min) :

100 min (tbc), Th/Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Drama, Comedy


Cantonese and Mandarin


English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except China

Hong Kong