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Helmed by Kenneth Lau, Adieu is a beautiful film that delicately handles its themes of life, death, love and forgiveness. Consisting of 3 interwoven stories, the heart-rending drama explores the emotional struggles of those living with cancer and the loved ones who support them through their battles.  Starring a cast of established actors and relative newcomers, critics note this reflective journey of life and death is Lau’s best movie to date.

Yan Kiu (Li) is a compassionate social worker who provides assistance to patients and families affected by cancer. She is assigned three cases: Mr. Cheung (Cheung) and Mrs. Cheung (Wai), the parents of 5-year-old Yan (Lam) who must come to terms with the fact that their child has leukemia, 20-something bride-to-be Ka-shun (Tam) who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour and 80-year-old Auntie Lan (Law) who lives alone and is desperate to reunite with her estranged children before it’s too late.

Frustrated by the inability to help her patients and their loved ones, Yan Kiu begins to feel lost in her job leading her to reassess her own life. 






Louis Cheung, Michelle Wai, Helena Law, Philip Keung, Halina Tam

Jason Chan, Hedwig Tam, Gladys Li, Lam Ching Man

Director: Kenneth Lau 
Duration (min) : 96 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Cantonese 
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English






Hong Kong