Hello Mrs. Money



China’s theatre troupe Mahua FunAge returns to the silver screen after the box-office successes of “Goodbye Mr. Loser” (2015) , “Mr. Donkey” (2016) and “Never Say Die” (2017). Adapted from the stage play of the same name, “Hello Mrs. Money” is a comedy about mistaken identities caused by greed and lies. This is the directorial debut of Wu Yuhan, with Huang Cailun from the original stage play, Ai Lun (“Hello Mr. Billionaire”, 2018), Song Yang (“Never Say Die”, 2017) and Celina Jade (“Wolf Warrior II”, 2017) forming a stellar cast. The movie swarmed the Chinese cinemas and grossed a remarkable sum of $88 million!

Li Cha (Song) has come to Malaysia’s Aman Island for a splashy engagement party where he plans to propose to Lulu, his boss’ daughter whom he’s been dating for five years. Lulu’s not enthusiastic about getting married but her father, Andy Wang, is having money troubles and Li Cha has a reclusive aunt, Monica (Jade), who might just be able to make that go away. Also strapped for cash is fellow guest Mr Liang, the mentally unstable father of Richard’s best friend Jerry (Ai), who also happens to be married to Lulu’s sister Lily.


Widow Monica however smells a rat and in an attempt to determine if Li Cha’s love for his bride-to-be is real, shows up in disguise - as a hotel maid. Meanwhile Jerry’s assistant, Huang Canghai (Huang), takes the opportunity to crash in Monica's fabulous suite. That’s until he’s discovered and persuaded to impersonate the seldom-seen







Huang Cailun, Ai Lun, Song Yang, Celina Jade

Director: Wu Yuhan
Duration (min) :

113 min (tbc), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Drama, Comedy




English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except China