Two Wrongs Make A Right



“Two Wrongs Make A Right” is the first Chinese romantic comedy that has a fortune telling, Feng Shui and numerology setting. Written and directed by Vincent Kok (“House of Wolves”, 2016), the story is about a Feng Shui master (played by Vic Chou; “S Storm”, 2016”) who originally has a bad intention of using an ill-fated girl (played by Fiona Sit; “Insanity”, 2015) to shield his misfortunes. He eventually falls in love with the girl although their conflicting fates lead to a series of unfortunate events. The girl is actually a part of his rival’s (played by Ronald Cheng; “House of Wolves”, 2016) evil scheme.

When the internationally-renowned Feng Shui Master Ray (Vic Chou) forecasts a predestined misfortune, he finds an ill-fated wretch Pei Pei (Fiona Sit) with the hope that she will ward off the mishaps for him. While everything seems to be under his calculation, Ray does not foresee that he would eventually fall in love with Pei Pei. Little does Ray know that Pei Pei is actually part of Feng Shui Master Ximen’s (Ronald Cheng) evil scheme as Ray and Pei Pei’s numerology istotally incompatible, which means their relationship will only lead to a series of unfortunate events.






Vic Chou, Fiona Sit, Ronald Cheng

Director: Vincent Kok
Duration (min) :

99min (tbc), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Romance, Comedy


Cantonese and Mandarin


English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except China

Hong Kong, China