Rhapsody of Kidnapping



“Rhapsody of Kidnapping” is the debut of director Paul Sze Pak-Lam. It is a light-hearted comedy which tells about four female hostages who develop Stockholm syndrome towards the three male kidnappers; and how they join the kidnappers to fight against a man who is their closest person (a father, husband and son-in-law) since he plots to kill them. The cast stars Justin Cheung Kin-seng (“Due West: Our Sex Journey”, 2012), Eric Kwok Wai-leung (“Full Strike”, 2015) and Chui Ho-cheong (“Ghost Net”, 2017) as the three kidnappers; Christine Ng Wing-mei (“Rush Hour”, 1998) as the wife; Jennifer Yu Heung-ying (“Sisterhood”, 2016) as the daughter; Bonnie Wong Man-Wai (“Little Big Master”, 2015) as the mother-in-law; Alycia Chan Yuen-hang (“PG Love”, 2016) as the mistress; and Tony Ho Wah-chiu (“Infernal Affairs” 2002) as their common enemy. 

Star (Justin Cheung) develops a water-resistant phone with his two friends, Chong (Eric Kowk) and Fat Chow (Chui Ho-cheong), and intends to sell the invention to Dong Lam Kong (Tony Ho) who is the CEO of a notable listed company. Their dream is shattered when they learn that Kong steals the technology and takes forcible possession of the patent which leads them to bear a huge debt. They kidnap Kong’s wife Cheryl (Christine Ng), daughter Jenny (Jennifer Yu), mother-in-law Granny (Bonnie Wong) and mistress Mi Mi (Alycia Chan); and demand Kong to pay a ransom. But when both the hostages and kidnappers find out that Kong actually plans to murder them all, they decide to fight against Kong together. They begin to develop mutual understanding with each other.






Christine Ng, Justin Cheung, Eric Kwok, Jennifer Yu

Director: Paul Sze
Duration (min) :

102min (tbc), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Comedy, Drama




English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except China

Hong Kong