77 Heartbreaks

( 原諒他77)

Director and screenwriter duo Herman Yau and Erica Lee team up to produce their third recent film, in which Chau Pak-ho plays an immature boyfriend learning about his ex-girlfriend’s grievances, following their break-up. Cantopop diva Charlene Choi plays the long-suffering girlfriend, while veteran stars Anthony Wong and Francis Ng also make cameos.

When Eva (Charlene Choi) moves out and ends her ten-year relationship with Adam (Chau Pak-ho), he's shocked by the seeming suddenness of the break-up, till reading her private journal reveals it was the culmination of seventy-seven heartbreaks and disappointments. Not one to be dumped, Adam is determined to win Eva back. Unfortunately, one of Adam’s attractive kickboxing students, Mandy (Michelle Wai), spies an opportune moment to seduce him while he is intoxicated.

Told in a series of flashbacks, Eva’s increasing frustration with Adam’s juvenile and selfish ways is revealed, while her own perfectionist and nitpicking ways are also brought to light. As Adam seeks to salvage their relationship, he realizes that the secret contained in the journal’s missing last page may be the key to winning Eva’s forgiveness.



Cast: Charlene Choi, Pakho Chow, Micheel Wai

Herman Yau

Duration (min) : 93min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Edited, Theatrical
Grade: PG-13


Language: Cantonese and Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English





Worldwide except China 

Hong Kong