Wu Kong


After co-directing the mega blockbuster Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, award-winning Hong Kong director Derek Kwok revisits the Monkey King (also known as Wu Kong) story with an edgier approach. With an all-star cast including Eddie Peng, Shawn Yue, Ni Ni and Oho Ou, this spectacular CG-driven action fantasy tentpole on the Chinese classical novel has proved a huge hit, grossing RMB 700 million in China alone.

The story is set 500 years before Wu Kong rebels against the God and wreaks havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom.

On Mount Huaguo, a monkey is born. A few years later, a powerful Destiny Council leader, Shang Sheng Tian Zun (Yu Faye), decides to murder the mischievous creature. Before she can carry out her plan, the monkey is rescued by a wise monk, Bodhi (Wang Deshun). Possessing magical powers, Bodhi transforms the monkey into human form. He names him Sun Wu Kong (Peng) and the spirited youngster becomes his pupil.

Meanwhile a minor deity, Yang Jian (Yue), has set his sight on becoming a powerful god. He’s given an opportunity to rise up the ranks, however there is a heavy price to pay. He must give up his feelings for Azi (Ni), Shang’s daughter, with whom he’s in love.

Learning of Wu Kong’s growing mystical powers, Shang feels her position on the Council may come under threat and sends her bodyguard Tian Peng (Ou) to catch and imprison him.

For those caught up in the tangled web of romance, rivalry and danger, their once-tranquil lives are about to change.



Cast: Eddie Peng, Shawn Yue, Ni Ni

Derek Kwok 

Duration (min) : 130min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Edited, Theatrical
Grade: PG-13

Action, Fantasy

Language: Cantonese and Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English





Worldwide except China 

Hong Kong & China