Hide and Seek


Starring acclaimed Chinese awards-winning actress Qin Hailu and popular Taiwanese actor Wallace Huo, this film is an adaptation of the Korean thriller with the same name, “Hide and Seek”. The film was directed by Liu Jie, who won the Best Director award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, and stars Chun Xia, who won the Best Actress award at the 2016 Hong Kong Film Awards.The original Korean film was a major success, having earned US $35.6 million in Korea in 2013. 

Zhang Jiawei (Wallace Huo) enjoys a comfortable life in Qingdao City, running a high-end coffee shop and living in a luxury building with his wife Pingzhi (Wan Qian) and their daughter. But life is not all idyllic – not only does Jiawei struggle with his phobia of germs and bacteria, he is haunted by visions of his older brother. Jiawei had severed all ties with after his brother went to prison for a rape for which he may have been framed. Now the brother is out of prison and lives in a rundown, soon-to-be-demolished block of flats.

One day, Jiawei is contacted by his brother’s landlord, who claims he has not been paid rent for a while. After visiting the old building, talking to the landlord and meeting a terrorized single mother (Qin Hailu), Jiawei realizes his brother may have become a stalker and worse, may be the murderer of a young woman (Jessie Li) who lived next door to him. Slowly, the mystery unravels and Jiawei discovers that he and his family may not be alone in their home.


Cast: Wallace Huo, Qin Hailu, Wan Qian

Liu Jie   

Duration (min) : 105min (TBC), Th/Ed
Version: Edited, Theatrical
Grade: PG-13

Drama, Thriller

Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English





Worldwide except China