2016 International Film Festival & AwardsMacao (IFFAM) - "Eye of the Audience" - Macao Audience Choice Award, Award for Best New Young Actress

2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017 - Most Promising Talent Award


2017 Hong Kong Film Awards - Nomination - Best Supporting Actress, Best New Performer

Film Festivals:

2017 IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival

2017 Taipei Film Festival




“A technically capable and socially reflective melodrama, Tracy Choi's feature debut gently breaks new ground for Macau's as-yet non-existent film industry…” – Hollywood Reporter

“The film comes to life during the bonding scenes between young actresses Fish Liew Ziyu and Jennifer Yu Heung-ying…” – South China Morning Post

Director Tracy Choi brings her debut film, which won the audience choice award at the inaugural Macau Film Festival in December 2016.

Fifteen years after her departure to Taiwan, Sei (Gigi Leung) is forced to confront her emotional past in a hometown she no longer knows. Now a heavy-drinking innkeeper, Sei receives the news that her former best friend has passed away in Macau. As she makes the journey home to reconnect with old acquaintances, her memories resurface through flashbacks.

Piecing together the details of her former friendship with Ling (Jennifer Yu), Sei recalls how she was once an orphan (Fish Liew) working in a seedy massage parlor in the sleepy 1990s Macau. Having been befriended by the streetwise coworker Ling, their friendship becomes inseparable, even as Ling’s hard-partying ways spiral out of control and Sei becomes her protector. Ling’s pregnancy seals their bond, and the two of them set out to build an unusual family together.

The tension begins to build up as neighborhood gossip surrounds them, and their friendship begins to head in a direction that neither girl could understand. As the now-older Sei searches for Ling’s son, she gradually begins to piece together the truth about her relationship with Ling, at the same time that she confronts her hometown that has now vastly changed.



Cast: Gigi Leung, Jennifer Yu, Fish Liu
Director: Tracy Choi
Duration (min) : 97min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English/English




Worldwide  except China

Hong Kong