Tik Tok


Yang Xi is a psychologist from Beijing, she is now on academic exchange in Seoul and responsible for treating a Chinese burn victim Guo Zhida, who is apparently hiding some big secrets. 

Meanwhile, two football teams from China and Korea will have an important game. However, the girlfriend of a Chinese player is kidnapped before the game, to save her, Chinese team has to win.

The Korea police officer Jiang Chengjun spots and catches the suspect Guo Zhida soon. He asked Yang Xi to question Guo about the hostage. Though the police successfully save the hostage, they find that 50,000 game spectators are facing a more serious danger, that another three bombs are placed in the stadium.

Only the psychologist and police can save 50,000 lives before the games ends. After two bombs are demined, there is only one left. It is true that the third bomb actually exists or is there a bigger secret behind all of it?




Wallace Chung, Lee Jeong Jae, Lang Yueting


Li Jun 

Duration (min) : 100min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Edited, Theatrical
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Action
Language: Mandarin mixed with Korean
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English





Worldwide except China