Xuan Zang


Directed by two-time Golden Roosterwinner Huo Jianqi, this lavish historical biopic  chronicles Chinese Buddhist monk and scholar Xuan Zang’s arduous 50,000 kilometre journey to India during the 7th century. The first Sino-Indian co-production of its kind, the prestigious and visually rich drama boasts China’s Huang Xiaoming as the venerable monk alongside a truly international cast including Luo Jin, Kent Tong, Vivian Dawson and Sonu Sood. Serving as the film’s artistic advisor is arthouse auteur Wong Kar-wai whilst Zou Jingzhi, who won critical acclaim for Coming Home, delivers a beautifully penned screenplay which brings history to life.

After travelling throughout China in search of sacred Buddhist writings, young monk Xuan Zang (Huang) is concerned about the number of incomplete and misinterpreted texts and hence decides to travel to India in search of further scriptures. Meanwhile, due to warring factions Emperor Taizong has prohibited all travel and thus Xuan Zang persuades Buddhist guards at Yumen Pass to allow him to leave and he quietly slips out of the empire. Travelling under the cover of darkness, Xuan Zang successfully evades capture but extreme temperatures, difficult terrain and lack of food, water and shelter threaten his survival. Yet, despite the harshest of conditions he arrives in India where he continues his travels, learning Buddhism from the greatest teachers and thinkers of the time. After ten years and at the age of fifty, Xuan Zang makes a no less difficult return to China ….



Huang  Xiaoming, Xu Zheng, Pu Bajia 


Huo Jianqi

Duration (min) : 120min, Theatrical
Version: Theatrical
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English





Worldwide except China