Mission Milano


Scripted, directed and co-produced by prolific Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Jing, this big-budget action comedy has seen stellar business at the box office. Boasting the star power of Andy Lau and Huang Xioaming, the globe-trotting caper centres around a wealthy entrepreneur and an Interpol officer who team up to prevent an invention, which has the potential to cure world famine, falling into the wrong hands.

Louis Lou (Huang) is a wealthy entrepreneur and Chairman of Haotian Technology.

Dr Peterson (Xu Yazhou) is a Swiss scientist who in his work for Haotian Technology has developed The Seed of God, an invention which with the minimum of soil and water can grow into any plant, potentially ending famine forever.

During a demonstration of this biological wonder, Dr Peterson is kidnapped by Crescent, a Japanese criminal organisation headed by Snow (Michelle Hu). Also seizing The Seed of God, Crescent intends to peddle the device on the black market.

Responding to the crime, Interpol sends Sampan Hung (Lau) to work with Lou in locating Peterson and retrieving the stolen technology. The pair, along with Lou’s assistant Amon (Wong Cho Lam) and his sister Ka-yan (Nana Ou-Yang) gets into a fierce battle of wits with Crescent. Then, an even more powerful terrorist group comes into the picture in the form of Kmax, making The Seed of God’s retrieval even more fraught with danger.



Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming


Wong Jing

Duration (min) : 102min(tbc), Th/ Ed
Version: Edited, Theatrical
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Action, Comedy
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English





Worldwide except China 

HK & China