McDull, Rise of the Rice Cooker

(麥兜 飯寶奇兵)

Marking the 20thanniversary of the McDull character’s creation, McDull, Rise of the Rice Cookerhits the screens entertaining audiences young and old alike. The seventh movie in the franchise, which is hugely popular throughout Asia, sees the delightfully adorable pig achieve his dream of becoming a hero. With a script packed with quirky characters and witty one-liners, the charming romp captures perfectly the spirit of Hong Kong and its unique culture.


Living in a small fishing village, McDull leads a pretty ordinary life. With his enthusiasm for science, he hopes one day to become an inventor. Out of the blue, a giant alien invades Earth and even Superman is unable to stop it. To prevent the intruder from taking control of the planet, people around the world are called upon to create a robot to fight this most evil monster.   


With little money but some small home appliances, McDull converts a rice cooker into Rizo, his attempt at creating a world-saving robot. Unexpectedly, McDull’s low-tech invention makes it to the competition finals exciting the whole village. Rizo however looks clumsy and its functions seem so very ordinary. Nevertheless, despite tough opposition, Rizo is named winner.


Suddenly thrown into the spotlight, McDull and his robot partner become planet Earth’s only hope. Can the duo, who was once ridiculed, be saviour to the world?



Anthony Wong, Sandra Ng, The Pancakes


Brian Tse

Duration (min) : 84min, Theatrical
Version: Theatrical
Grade: G
Genre: Animation
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese & English/ English





Worldwide except China

Hong Kong