Fabricated City 

(조작된 도시)

Fabricated City is directed by Park Kwang-hyun, and marks his return after directing the 2005 hit “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, twelve years ago. That smash hit sold over 8 million tickets, and stars Ji Chang-wook (“Empress Ki”). This movie marks Ji's silver screen debut, in which he appears alongside actress Shim Eun-kyung (“Miss Granny”) and actor Ahn Jae-hong of the popular TV drama “Reply 1988″. This film was shown at the Berlin International Film festival, where it was picked up by 26 regions at the European Film Market event. Its box office results saw over one million admissions on opening weekend.

Within futuristic Seoul, the setting is a dystopian Orwellian city in which everyone is under surveillance. In this gloomy place, Kwon Yoo (Ji Chang-Wook) is merely another unemployed nobody, who is unable to find work after being kicked out of the national taekwondo team. In the virtual game world, he is an unrivaled force to be reckoned with. Like him, there are other team members who kill time by playing computer games, but have yet to find actual employment. While engrossed in his game as usual at a local Internet café, Kwon Yoo is shocked to learn that he is the main suspect in a brutal crime. He is arrested for the assault and murder of a high school girl, and his online-game teammates discover that he has been by framed for the crime by a large corporation. With their help, Kwon Yoo sets out to uncover the truth behind the murder case, and to clear his name. After breaking his way out of prison, Kwon narrowly evades a nationwide manhunt. As the dragnet closes in, Kwon his buddies learn to fight against a real-world villain and to make use full use of their gifts, which has long been overlooked by society.



Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Shim Eun-kyung, Ahn Jae-hong
Director: Park Kwang-hyun
Duration (min) :

126min (TBC), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Action, Crime
Language: Korean

Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except Korea