When I get home, My wife always pretends to be dead



Inspired bya viral post from Yahoo! userK.Kajunsky in 2010 about his wife’sbizarre behavior.When I get home, My wife always pretends to be engaging romantic comedy starring Ken Yasuda (Gintama) and Nana Eikura (Library Wars) as a married couple who must re-examine their marriage and each other when the wife’s strange behavior continues.

The story follows Jun (Ken Yasuda), a typical salaryman on his second marriage. Nearing their third anniversary everything is fine with the married couple, until one day he returns home to find his wife Chie (Nana Eikura) stabbed to death. Just as he starts to freak out she giggles, the whole thing is a set up. Relieved, he thinks nothing of it and goes back to living life. But a pattern begins. Every time Jun returns from work Chie has rigged up a more elaborate death scenario. A gunshot wound, an arrow to the head, a crocodile attack—they get to be more like full-blown cosplay staging than simple deaths.

Jun is dumbfounded by his wife's behavior, but he begins to feel uneasy with her.Why does Chie find it necessary to recreate her death all the time? What is missing from their marriage? The plot delves into Chie’s childhood being raised by a single father, needing to escape into the world of books and art, and her personal foibles. The answers lie in Chie’s unique way of expressing herself and her view of the world.






Ken Yasuda, Nana Eikura

Director: Toshio Lee
Duration (min) :

115min (tbc), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Romance, Comedy




English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except Japan