Napping Kid



Film Festival:

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival- Gala Presentation



Four years after the critically acclaimed Dot 2 Dot, director Amos Why returns to the director’s chair with Napping Kid, an adaptation of Hong Kong novelist Mannshin’s award-winning novel of the same name. This meticulously plotted mystery centred around the theme of blackmail is co-written by Men on the Dragon’s director Sunny Chan and stars the outstanding ensemble cast of David Siu (Dot 2 Dot),  Ng Siu-hin (In Your Dreams) and Cecilia So (She Remembers, He Forgets). Premiered at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, Why received praise for his ambitious effort set in Hong Kong’s financial world.


Siu-yu (So), financial analyst for an investment bank, finds that a file containing the financial data of an IT firm has been mysteriously deleted. Her colleague and admirer Dylan (Ng) fails to recover it on her behalf. Soon after, their boss, John (Michael Wong) receives an email from someone called “K Kidnapper”, demanding a mere $190,000 ransom to be paid in three days, otherwise the confidential information will be leaked. To keep the demand secret, secretary Irene (Candy Cheung) asks for assistance from her ex-husband Tong Fu (Siu), a police inspector who still harbours feelings for her. Tong Fu demands all staff stay in a serviced apartment. But when an employee is found missing and a member of the technical staff resigns, everyone is now a suspect…




Ng Siu-hin, David Siu, Cecilia So

Director: Amos Why
Duration (min) : 99 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English






Hong Kong