Tomorrow is Another Day 


Film Festivals:
2017 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
2018 Singapore Chinese Film Festival
2018 (37th) Hong Kong Film Awards- Best Actress, Best New Performer
2017 (23rd) Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards- Best Actor, Best Actress

2017 (20th) Shanghai International Film Festival- Best Actor
2018 (12th) Asian Film Awards- Best Newcomer
2018 (37th) Hong Kong Film Awards- Best Actor, Best New Director




From the writer of the blockbuster film trilogy “Ip Man” and “The Way We Dance”, Chan Tai Lee, comes a film written from the perspective of a woman who is at the mercy of her husband’s unfaithfulness. A touching family drama, the production stars veterans of Hong Kong entertainment industry Teresa Mo and Ray Lui.  

Far (Mo) finds out her husband, Wong (Lui), is having an affair. She decides to keep silent because she treasures the twenty years that they have spent taking care of their son Kwong who is mentally handicapped. However, after mistress Daisy visits the family home, Far and Wong have a blazing argument resulting in Wong deciding to leave his wife and child. 

Far is taking care of Kwong by herself now and she feels very lost, to the point of considering suicide. Then she learns Daisy is living in the same estate and decides that her family will surely be reunited if Daisy is out of the equation. And so she starts planning the murder of her husband’s mistress.

Meanwhile, Wong is missing his son and decides to secretly meet with him. After their reunion, Kwong gets lost and ends up in the police station causing Far even more heartache.

About to embark on her mission, Far hears weeping from her son’s bedroom and as she stops to comfort Kwong, she notices one of his drawings, an image of his mother holding a knife. She suddenly realises that Kwong may not be capable of expressing himself but surely knows how his mother is feeling. Is this revelation enough to make her change her plans?


Cast: Teresa Mo, Ling Man Lung, Ray Lui, Bonnie Xian
Director: Chan Tai-lee
Duration (min) : 91min(tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical/Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Family
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English





Worldwide except China

Hong Kong