The Monkey King 3



In the third installment of The Monkey King franchise, Aaron Kwok (Cold War 2), Feng Shaofeng, Xiao Shenyang and Him Law once again join forces to continue on their “Journey to the West”, this time entering the Kingdom of Women. One of the most anticipated films of the year, audiences are not disappointed as director Soi Cheang (Dog Bite Dog) weaves a visually striking, CGI-laden tale of supernatural mayhem. A swashbuckling ride, the blockbuster fantasy immediately topped the box office and saw outstanding returns, grossing over USD115 million since its release.

On the Journey to the West, Buddhist monk Xuanzang (Feng) and his disciples Wukong the Monkey King (Kwok), pig demon Bajie (Xiao) and blue-skinned sand demon Wujing (Law)  accidentally enter Womanland of Western Liang, a nation where no men exist. Love blossoms between Xuanzang and Womanland’s young Queen (Zhao Liying) despite her royal preceptor’s (Gigi Leung) warning that men are poisonous  creatures and should be killed. The male trespassers also agitate the God of River Oblivion (Lin Chi-ling), who in a fury starts flooding the nation, putting it at risk of total destruction – unless  Wukong, Bajie, Wujing and Xuanzang can find a way to quell her wrath.




Aaron Kwok, Feng Shaofeng, Xiao Shenyang, Him Law, Zhao Liying
Gigi Leung

Director: Soi Cheang
Duration (min) :

114min (tbc), Th/ Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Adventure, Fantasy


Mandarin and Cantonese


English/ Chinese & English





Worldwide except China

China, Hong Kong