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2016 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival- Gala Presentation
2017 Taipei Film Festival
2017 South Taiwan Film Festival
2017 Chinese Documentary Festival
2017 Macao International Documentary Film Festival

2016 (23rd) Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award- Film of Merit




After recording the lives of Hong Kong’s children from working class families in the award-winning documentary Fish Story (2013), Director Wong Siu-pong turns his camera to life and death in another documentary Snuggle. To share the stories of three families that are struggling to live beneath the torment of terminal illness, he takes audiences to nursing homes, hospitals and even funeral homes. This gentle and devastatingly humanistic work shows the importance of love and companionship when we come face-to-face with mortality. And it was chosen as a “Film of Merit” in the 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award.

Does longevity bring happiness? Would it be unfilial if you wish the death for your father? Departure or continuous to suffer, a hard choice to make?

SNUGGLE shows the value difference of ‘life and death’ between two generations. Someone wishes the death for his father because he cannot stand watching his father suffering from illness and loneliness; someone feels so stressed that she has to sacrifice her life to take care of her parents; someone happens to restore the relationship with his mother because she is unwell seriously. When it comes to death, would all those relationships we have in this life last for one more second?

The value collision and bonding between two generations, the love between husband and wife accompany us in the experience of life and death when it comes to critical stages in life.






Director: WONG Siu-pong
Duration (min) : 84min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG
Genre: Documentary
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese and English/ English





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