Ossan's Love The Movie~LOVE OR DEAD

(劇場版おっさんずラブLOVE or DEAD)




This film follows on from the immensely popular television series Ossan’s Love, which portrayed the life of single and straight office worker Soichi Haruta who finds himself the object of affection of his roommate and boss, both of whom are gay. Directed by Tôichirô Rutô (Juho 2405, 10 Women in Black), who also directed the television series, the film stars Kei Tanaka (Runway Beast, Library Wars), Kotaro Yoshida (The Lies She Loved, The Third Murder) and Hayashi Kento (Miracles of the Namiya General Store, Cafe Funiculi Funicula).


It’s been a year since Soichi Haruta (Tanaka) and Maki (Kento) pledged their undying love. Soichi, who had been working abroad, returns to his former office and receives a warm welcome from his boss Musashi Kurosawa (Yoshida), a man who previously had a crush on him.  One day, unexpectedly, colleagues arrive from head office requesting help on a large project. Maki is part of that team forcing the lovers to work together.  But over time, Soichi and Maki grow apart. Soon after, Musashi is involved in an accident and loses his memory, but only selectively - the only person he cannot remember is Soichi. Returning to the office a few days later, it seems Musashi’s fallen in love with Soichi all over again.




Kei Tanaka, Hayashi Kento, Kotaro Yoshida, Ikki Sawamura,           

Jun Shison 

Director: Tôichirô Rutô   
Duration (min) :

115 min (tbc), Th/Ed

Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13

Romance, Comedy




Chinese & English/ English





Worldwide except Japan