The Fable




Film Festivals:

Shanghai Film Festival
Toronto Japanese Film Festival
New York Asian Film Festival
Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival
Fantasia International Film Festival


Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival – Best Asian Film
Fantasia Film Festival – Action Award (Outstanding Action Movie)



The comedy The Fable is built on the premise that your offbeat neighbour might actually be an assassin on vacation. The film, which is based on the manga series of the same name by Katsuhisa Minami, is directed by the award-winning Kan Eguchi (Riding Uphill, Gachi-Boshi) and stars actor and founding member of the highly successful boy band V6 Junichi Okada (Tokyo Tower), Jiro Sato (The Samurai I Loved) and Fumino Kimura (Reminiscence).


As his nickname implies, The Fable (Okada) is an enigmatic assassin who terrorises the underworld. The overworked killer gets an order from his boss: “Live the life of a normal man for one year. Kill anyone during your vacation and I kill you.” Going incognito for a year The Fable is given a new name and a female partner (Kimura). They start their new lives as brother and sister with part-time jobs and a pet parakeet. The assassin begins to enjoy a normal existence but it appears trouble is about to come looking for him. 




Junichi Okada, Fumino Kimura

Director: Kan Eguchi
Duration (min) : 123 min (tbc), Th/Ed
Version: Theatrical, Edited
Grade: PG-13
Genre: Action, Comedy
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese & English/English





Worldwide except Japan